long arm quilting at its best!


   Brenda Hemphill opened Quilting Arts Studio after completing her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.  She had fully intended to continue on to the Master of Education program at U. of C., but as we all know sometimes one's life direction changes.  Drastically!  After a "chance" encounter with a friend-of-a-friend, Brenda bought her machine from a local gal who was selling due to poor health.  There was no looking back!

   Her long arm quilting education was achieved through classes with Cindy Roth in Renton Wa. and various symposiums with Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Ohio, classes on Intuitive Design with Valorie Wells Keenan at Empty Spools in California, and on-going quilting and pattern work with a local quilting Guild and Quilt shop.  In the fall of 2009 Brenda took a class at A.C.A.D. with the purpose of perfecting her hand dyeing skills, and will continue to attend  two classes at Alberta College of Art this 2010;  Art Quilts are next on her horizon!

   She continues to  update and expand her long arm quilting education with c.d.'s of classes with such expert quilters as Myrna Ficken,  Karen Mctavish, and subscriptions to magazines such as Quilting Arts Magazine, Fiber Arts Magazine and  Cloth Paper Scissors;  additionally, she is a member of Quilt Surface Design Association and Professional Quilter Association, Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters and receives journals from  the associations.  She has also joined the Chinook Country Quilters 2009/2010.

   Brenda has a sincere appreciation for the work and dedication it takes to complete these works of quilting art.  She finds the entire world of quilting, imagining, creating and completing a quilt stimulating and very fulfilling.  She has a passion for all things hand -crafted, a passion derived from  many generations of women in her family who have worked under the rubric of reduce, reuse and rework everything!


    The one above was quilted for Bibles for Missions auction in February 2011.
    the entire quilt before I trimmed it.
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