long arm quilting at its best!

Here is a list of my favorite quilting sources, quilting suppliers, and quilting websites:

I've been taking classes part time in the Fiber Arts area; anything to do with textiles/fabrics!

Studio Art Quilt Associates
This year I made a decision to join, and read their fabulous publications that comes with the membership.

Unlimited Possibilities magazine
A great publication related to long arm machine quilting, and quilting as an art.

International Quilt Festival of Houston
The world's fair of the quilting world - classes, demonstrations, and quilts galore.  The best of the best at this venue!
I was awed and inspired at the same time!!

Association of Pacific West Quilters
I decided to become a member of something bigger than an Albertan guild.  They have classes and a retreat in the late summer.

The Professional Quilter
Another fantastic publication that supports long arm quilting businesses.  Timely and helpful business articles for the long arm quilting business person.

Dharma Trading Company
My favorite supplier for large quantities of "prepared for dying" fabrics, huge choices of dyes and paints, and great service.

A great site for keeping up with the rest of the textile dying and sewing world overseas.


These are a few of my favorite pages and sites. click on the links to find out more about them.
Quilt Surface Design Symposium
This is a great site to find out what is going on in the world of art quilts.
I attended two classes in June 2007.

Empty Spools Conference
Right on the shores of the Pacific, next to Pebble Beach Golf Course!  A beautiful place to take a seminar; I took mine with Valorie Wells Keenan, on Intuitive Design.

Sue Benner
One of the instructors I had at QSDS. Fantastic lady; she taught us abstracting photos using textiles as the medium.

Fran Skiles
Another teacher from QSDS; she taught a week long mixed media class using different textiles and fabrics.


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